B4B: My Top 4 Reasons Why You Should ASK IT

ask it

While Andy Stanley is rather coy about what “the question” is, I won’t be.  It’s just too hard to dance around.  The question which Stanley believes we need to apply to every aspect of our lives is:

Is it wise?

Not a complicated question, really.  And yet Stanley’s point is that for some strange reason (human brokenness and sin) we don’t ask it!  Instead we systematically convince ourselves that its “ok” to do it, even though we know its a dumb idea.  And dumb (unwise) ideas have a tendency to stack up into bad (sinful) ideas.

Here are my top 4 reasons for recommending the book.

1. It hits some of our biggest needs concerning human wisdom.
Again, our biggest problem isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s a lack of faithfulness to what we already know.  Andy Stanley’s book doesn’t try to teach us a bunch of facts, it reveals the truth about our nature and works to help us to make the choice which we already knew was right from the beginning.

2. The book hits hard at some of our most common problem areas.
Whether it’s finances, weight loss, time management, or sexual fidelity, Andy Stanley pulls no punches.  His advice is so basic and yet so essential that it may surpass books that focus on any one of these issues exclusively.

3. It’s light reading but not light content
Andy Stanley is one of the leading voices in how to communicate to people who didn’t grow up in the church, and it shows in the quality of the writing.  The book is immediately relevant to non-Christians, but is very clear and unashamed of it’s gospel message.   It is a very fast read, and yet none of it is fluff, and none of it is trash.  Too often, Christian books with this level of curb appeal are stuffed with out-of-context Bible verses that have nothing to do with the subject, or just outright dangerous theology.  Ask It doesn’t have any of that.

4. It has discussion questions in the back that will make for great small group discussions.
I would strongly recommend Ask It for adult small groups and book clubs.  It’s broad enough to be relevant to pretty much everyone, and yet ties all these spheres of interest together in way which will foster interactive conversations.
It’s nice to see the questions included in the book instead of sold separately.  (It is also available as a DVD series.)
It provides discussion for 6 weeks, one for each part of the book.  My only criticism of this is that the first weeks reading is very long compared to the other weeks.
If you are looking for a similar series that uses video check out the series below on time management.  Both the video and discussion guides are free!

Riverside members: A copy of Ask It  will soon be added to our LIFE Group section in the library.

As with all my blog posts with B4B in the title, I received a copy of Ask It for free in exchange for an honest review.

In Christ,


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